Regional Juvenile Detention Center

RJDC Youth Advisor

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Monitor the daily activities of residents in a secure juvenile detention center to help ensure the safety and security of the residents, staff and the facility.  Provide fair treatment while holding residents accountable for their behavior with the goal of helping them develop their pro-social skills. Act as a positive role model for the residents.

Category: Social Services
Department: Juvenile Treatment
Shift: All Shifts
Location: Casper, Wyoming
Central Wyoming
1120 Bruce Lane
Job Type:
Full Time
Education: High School

Job Description:


  1. Ensure safety and security by constantly observing residents to evaluate their behavior and to ensure compliance with facility rules.
  2. Coordinate the movement of the residents to meal, education and recreation activities in a secure manner and supervise them indoors and outdoors ensuring that facility security is maintained.
  3. Conduct resident counts daily and conduct room and area searches as needed to ensure contraband is not present in the facility.
  4. Perform crisis intervention with residents, attend individual and group counseling sessions, and lead Guided Interaction Therapy sessions on a daily basis.
  5. Maintain the facility through supervised resident cleaning activities on a daily basis.
  6. Prepare written unit reports to document shift activities including logs, incident reports, progress reports and other communication material as needed.


  1. Assist with the intake and discharge of residents as needed.
  2. Screen visitors for contraband.
  3. Assist with resident transports as needed.
  4. Follow all prescribed facility safety procedures.
  5.    .  Perform all other duties as assigned.

Preferred Skills:

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma or its equivalent and one year of related work experience. Two years of military or college in related field may be substituted for the one year of related work experience. Experience working with residents suffering from alcohol and drug abuse or sexually abusive behaviors as well as working with mixed population is preferred.

Saturday, March 23, 2019