Cornerstone Philadelphia Reintegration
Cornerstone Philadelphia Reintegration is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and provides reintegration services for 30 adjudicated male sex offenders, ages 12-20.


 Reintegration Program

Our reintegration program successfully transitions youth back to their communities through the Balanced and Restorative Justice Approach. Cornerstone’s reintegration emphasizes community involvement; positive peer relations; accountability and management of risk for re-offending; case management; and competency development for the offender in life skills, education, and employment.


 The Program

The average length of reintegration services is 6-12 months. This program is based on the philosophy that a continuation of services is essential to maximizing the potential for long-term positive change and normalization. Offenders learn to conduct themselves in social settings and get support in the community where success or failure will ultimately be measured.

 Re-entry into Society

The reintegration program begins approximately 30-45 days prior to planned discharge from the residential treatment facility or as an alternative to residential treatment placement. The courts, juvenile probation and Reintegration staff work together in developing the foundation for the youth’s re-entry into society.

 Risk Management

This unique approach enables us to begin building a bridge toward a fully functional and seamless system.